Mark Crimmins in Yangshuo. 2015.Author Mark Crimmins in Manchester. 2016.Mark Crimmins in Beijing. 2010.
In the elevator at 4:00 A.M. after a night out at the Hangover Club in Guangzhou. 2019.Sydneyside Reflections:
Homeless muralist James Kite. 
Sydneyside Reflections:
Gloucester Road dead end Mural.
Shanghai Cityscape
Shanghai World Expo
August 2010
Author Mark Crimmins
Millenium Park, Chicago
Shanghai Cityscape:
"Cloud and Rain in Shanghai"
Suzhou Creek 2010
Luohan Temple, Chongqing
December 2015
Chongqing Monorail
December 2015
The People
December 2015
An American Safari
An Abyss Deep Enough
Zion National Park: 2006
An American Safari
A Bridge Into Space
St. Louis: 2006
An American Safari
The Open Road
Eastern Utah: 2006
An American Safari
Precession of Simulacra
Millennium Park, Chicago
An American Safari
Sullivan's Jewel Box
Grinnell, Iowa: 2006
An American Safari
The New Sugar House
SLC: 2006
An American Safari
Death Valley: 2006
An American Safari
The Desert of the Real Utah: 2006
An American Safari
Virgin River Gorge: 2006
The Lord of Counterpositions:
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe:
Toronto Dominion Centre
Luminescent Avatar
Cesar Pelli Design
IFC Hong Kong
An Architecture of Collision:
Santiago Calatrava:
BCE Place, Toronto
An Architecture of Collision: Ontario College of Art/Design TorontoBabes in the Digital Wood
Sai Hiroko Design:
Narita Airport Lounge: Japan
The Web and the Rock:
Raymond Hood Design: Rockefeller Center, NYC
National Gallery, OttawaArchitecture of Collision Norman Foster Design
University of Toronto
Union Square, NYC
We Three Kings
Yim, Pei, Foster
Hong Kong: 2007
Streetscape Macau: 2007The Kingdom of Signs
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong: 2007
Paris Triptych: I
The Precession of Simulacra
Quatorze Juillet 2009
Paris Triptych: II
L'Art Pour Lui-Meme
Centre Pompidou 2009
Paris Triptych: III
Boulevard St. Michel
Juillet 2009
The Road to Abashiri
Hokkaido: 1989
University of Toronto
14 August 2014
Amazing Chongqing
Christmas 2015
Incredible Guangzhou
Guangzhou South Station
National Holidays 2016
Beautiful Guangzhou
Balcony View
Shamian Island
National Holidays 2016
Incredible Guangzhou
Zhujiang New Town
Central Business District
National Holidays 2016

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